For centuries, furoshiki has been a beloved Japanese tradition. This art of transforming fabric into beautiful bags and gift wraps reflects Japan's deep respect for the environment, with a history dating back over 1200 years. In recent years, Furoshiki has gained renewed popularity in America and worldwide, offering a sustainable and stylish alternative.

The Furoshiki tradition originated in the Nara period. During its early days, silk Furoshiki were primarily crafted to achieve more elegant designs. In order to follow this tradition we meticulously focus on crafting only silk Furoshiki preserving the uses and durability.

Saltamontes produces silk Furoshiki following the traditional inspiration and purpose, and including as designs the artworks of artists with learning disabilities. When you get one of our Silk Furoshiki, you are directly supporting the artists and creating sustainable solutions for all. 

There's no denying that Furoshiki is a sustainable alternative to paper and plastic bags. Our appealing designs can also make them incredible accessories. Our Furoshiki are perfect to use as fashionable traditional silk scarves in many levels of attire, and suitable for all seasons. While Silk Furoshiki are a beautiful choice for carrying items, they offer a series of other benefits. The art of Furoshiki isn't just great for the environment and fashion; it represents an opportunity for mental well-being by owning and wearing a beautiful object arranged and crafted by yourself, creating an emotional connection and a sensorial experience.

Our Furoshiki are printed on 100% natural silk on both sides, and have measurements of 125 x 125 cm. We produce limited Furoshiki editions of 20 units and each scarf has a numbered certificate of authenticity. The Furoshiki are delivered in an embroidered canvas envelope along with detailed instructions to assemble it in different models of bags.