Art Brut

Raw Art

Expression invented by the French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) to describe “pieces of work executed by people untouched by artistic culture... from their own depths and not from clichés of classical art or art that is fashionable. Here we are witnessing an artistic operation that is completely pure, raw, reinvented in all its phases by its author, based solely on his/her own impulses. Art, therefore, in which is manifested the sole function of invention, and not those constantly seen in cultural art…” Excerpted from Jean Dubuffet L’art brut préféré aux arts culturels, Galerie René Drouin, Paris, 1949. 


Only self-taught creators produce Art Brut, people on the fringes of society that tend to be impervious to collective standards and values. They seek neither recognition by others nor public acclaim: any universe that they create is meant exclusively for themselves.

DEBAJO DEL SOMBRERO is a Spanish artist association, based in Madrid. It is a platform for creation, investigation, production and dissemination of art by people with learning disabilities. Most of these artists create Art Brut, through their works they are able to express their purest and deepest feelings. These raw emotions surpass the canvas and become alive on our Furoshikis. By wearing them, you help us to promote the Association and its unique artists.